Saturday, September 5, 2020

Home Staging Certificate

Suppose you're interested in becoming a certified home stager yourself, most of the information you need to research is already available online. There are different avenues to explore when it comes to being designated as a professional stager. Note that there is no specific license needed to become a home stager at the moment. However, you do have to register your business locally to make everything legitimate. 

Certification options 

Don't be confused with the various options when it comes to certifications. 

It's all a matter of choosing which particular avenue is the best for the business that you have in mind. 

For example, if you live in a country with no home staging associations or home staging companies, your best choice is to get training from an international home staging association. 

International home staging associations will provide all the necessary training (usually online). You'll need to pass some examinations to get your license from that particular association. 

As an aspiring home stager, you are really after two things: proper training and affiliation with a recognized home staging authority. 

Suppose an international association does not appeal to you. You may want to find a home staging association in your own country or a state home staging association in the USA

Each country and state in the USA usually has its own dedicated and recognized home staging authority. 

Many of these associations offer training to professionals who wish to be certified before opening their home staging businesses. 

And then you have the online certification courses, usually from established home staging companies or organizations. These outfits provide the training, and you are certified by them. 

You will receive some support after the certification. Then, of course, you can hang the certificate in your new office when you're finally on your way to establishing yourself as a home staging expert in your town or city.

What to expect from staging courses 

The best way to get a home staging certificate is by signing up for educational or business classes online. Industry experts and authorities back these courses. The least expensive systems can still cost a few hundred dollars or euro or pounds from what we've seen. Be prepared for the one-time fees that they require before you start learning anything. 

Most courses will provide enrollees with printed or electronic modules that you can study at home. Purely online learning centers will provide a minimum timeframe for learning all of the modules; then, you only need to pass an online exam to get the certification. 

Other high-end courses require a few classroom learning days before handing over home-study modules that you can peruse leisurely at your own pace. High-end systems can also need on-site learning experiences before you graduate from the course. 

If you have the cash to invest in a high-end course from a reputable authority, go for it. Hands-on training is always best, and you'll be at a significant advantage if you are exposed to a home staging process before opening your own business. 

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