Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Accept Your Dark Side

Do you have all the materials you desire in life, yet feel empty inside?  Are you the one who spent a lifetime earning the materialistic pleasures of life and suppressing your dark side? Yes, the dark side that we all human beings in the world have, the side that we always keep on repressing, and that ultimately conquers our mind and heart, leaving us angst and full of aversion. To attain enlightenment, you have to remain optimistic and look unto the bright side of life, but what about the bad attributes or dark qualities we all have? 

We are perfect as we are in this world, and when our dark qualities sometimes surface in our life, simultaneously, we get attracted to them. The dark side of life is that side of our inner self unconsciously touched by the divine power that controls everything in this universe. Darkness overshadows your life if you get trapped into the web of prejudices, fear of truth, corrupt values, and deadly errors. It's not easy to free oneself because we easily get attracted to these attributes. 

The way to get out of darkness is through enlightenment, and the only way to achieve it is by realizing the inner self that we discover through meditation and yoga. The four primary forms of yoga are Karma yoga, teaching that we should perform our duty selflessly without thinking about the rewards. The second form is Bhakti yoga, considered the most accessible way to attain inner peace. It means to focus on devotion and love for the divine to achieve eternal bliss. Jnana yoga implies knowledge and explains the four main ways to self-realization. Discrimination, dispassion, the virtue of tranquility, and yearning for freedom. The last one is Raja yoga that uses meditation to bring out the dark virtues prevalent in one and point to darkness as the supreme state of being. 

Don't think that darkness within you is permanent. Darkness can never overshadow light, and it's just our fear of darkness and negative traits that do not let the light enter into our life. Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes we can lose your faith while fighting to survive in today's materialist world. When you lose confidence and devotion to the universal, darkness overpowers us. Anger, hatred, aversion, sloth, lust, ignorance, to name a few, are some of the forms of this darkness.

Nevertheless, it's not eternal and goes off when we discover our true selves through enlightenment. We switch on the light in our dark inner room,  and darkness fades away. Similarly, with a positive and healthy attitude towards life, we can easily wash out our negative traits. With an optimistic approach towards life, we can make it worth living and generate positive vibes in people around us. 

However, being positive does not mean suppressing our negative thoughts. If we have a positive approach towards life but still have some grudges against someone, being positive means that we contain our anger and annoyance against them; thus, avoiding or neglecting it instead of embracing our dark side. Therefore, to lead a happy and contented life, we must accept our dark side and negative traits to change ourselves and move towards enlightenment, along with a positive attitude. To rest, ultimately, in darkness.

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