Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Art of Drinking Whiskey

 (by my dear friend Sir Arthur Louis O'Pola)

There is no real rule to follow when drinking whiskey, but there are some things that make the experience much more enjoyable. We also emphasize that if we do not observe the general rule, there is still no reason not to enjoy this wonderful spirit. 
Never put ice in a good dose of scotch, as it kills the taste and aroma. However, some prefer it this way and do it. The glass, originally designed to accept a malt whiskey, is broad at the top and gently slopes down towards the bottom, for the very reason of not comfortably taking a bed of ice, since the beautiful tradition intends to distance itself from that practice. This type of glass is called a tumbler.

When buying excellent malt, the price, as with many other things, really reflects the quality you get, because, with scotch, you tend to have what you pay for. There are several varieties of cheap alcohol available with which you can achieve the coveted headache. However, a good scotch should be sipped and appreciated.

Good malt is not a suitable mate for a mixing party and does not look good on soda or other beverages. The taste is considerably better with plain bottled water, which is the most suitable combination. Perhaps from a mountain source, good bottled mineral water is tolerated by a large Scotch, without hesitation.

With 40 to 60% of alcohol content, whiskey is indeed a strong spirit and certainly gets the less expert's attention in drinking it. Adding a drop of mineral water softens the blow, so to speak, and calms its aggressive nature. In this way, the whiskey opens, as rightly reminded us by the famous saying, and refers to the perfume it releases when adding a little water. Thus, a few drops surely bring even the most expert malt drinker to bliss.

The wonderful thing about the barrel's strength is that at 60% alcohol volume, this is a healthy drink that, in return, allows the drinker to lower the tone to a level of alcohol suitable for personal tastes, generally 35%, making this an ideal beverage to personalize. The creators of these good spirits advise taking a small sip and keeping it in your mouth, making it turn around your tongue, giving it time to settle down. That's the only way to get the true nature of this good malt.

Finally, a closing note: after swallowing, you can get a good read on the malt's maturity by how long its taste remains in the mouth.

SlĂ inte!

And may God bless you.


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