Tuesday, July 30, 2019


People judge us for our actions. Small acts of courtesy are not just merely empty gestures; they are thoughtful expressions that say without verbalizing how important the other is to our eyes. Fortunately, for us, courtesy is an art that is still current, and we let it manifest. We are the ones who always attach importance to small acts of kindness that make others feel special. 

It is essential to realize that people are not interested in hearing about our particular philosophy of life. They are more interested in seeing how our beliefs and philosophy are working in our lives. Our actions are the reflections of our thoughts. If others know that we are healthy, happy, prosperous, and enthusiastic, they ask what we are doing to make it happen.
There is no need to preach because, as the saying goes: a gesture is worth a thousand words. Fanatics can talk about peace, love, salvation, and their great happiness in their beliefs. But all we have to do is observe their lifestyle to know how this is indeed working. If our life is a showcase of positive living, people want to know how to get on the wagon.
After others have talked about themselves, the time comes when the conversation comes to us. We have only well invested in a little patience. Of course, we avoid ending our turn by exclaiming: Enough now talk about us, tell me how much did you enjoy our last work?
When we give sincere recognition, we are mainly showing people how to love themselves more. If we notice one of their attributes that most people miss, we increase our impact and the mirror effect. It takes little imagination to compliment someone of his appearance or dress - although this is also fine - that's why creative people seek less apparent qualities.
For example, we notice someone's sense of humor or ability to attract friends. We take time to emphasize the attributes that are often overlooked by others, and in this way, we are saying that: We have seen you as a person. In this, we give one more reason to appreciate that quality and what one is.
We encourage others to increase their self-esteem and feel comfortable and safe; so they relax more and are more friendly. All this stems from the fact that to consider others well, we must first find ourselves well. Knowing what we like and what increases our self-esteem provides us with some excellent clues on how to make others feel self-confident too. When we look at the world and see goodness and beauty in everything and everyone, the world observes us with the same attitude.
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Saturday, July 27, 2019


Most of us agree that one of the sweetest sounds is the sound of our name. People's names are their individuality badges, so we remember them and automatically earn their friendship. To note and remember a name takes only a few minutes, but the investment of time and attention brings rich rewards. The main reason why people sometimes don't remember names is that when they are introduced to someone, they don't listen to what the other person is saying. Often, at the time of the meeting, the presentation develops more or less like this: Hi! My name is XYZ. When someone doesn't hear the name correctly, it is because they are not paying full attention, and most of the time it is because the mind focuses on what it is going to say accordingly later. 

To remember a name, first we make sure we listen to it correctly, then we build a mental impression of the total person, and at the same time we repeat the name several times in our mind. If we remember the whole person, we remember his or her name. We never tell ourselves or others to have the problem of remembering people's names because by doing so, we would give our subconscious a command that it would follow faithfully and whenever we try to recall a name, the impression would bounce back because of our previous declaration of inability to remember the names. We reject that command and affirm that we remember the names of all those we meet, which therefore recall at will. Remembering names is one of the priorities of our rules of good living together. That not only makes others feel important but makes us more calm and confident.
Another essential aspect that we cultivate relentlessly to develop our good personal relationships is reliability. We are always on time for appointments; an attitude which we consider with great importance. To be on time means responsibility and that there is a real interest in meeting the person or persons in question. In this way, we communicate the importance that this or these have for us. Being on time only when meeting a famous person or one who could benefit us, whoever it is, is not very respectful. The point is that everyone is on time if they are motivated, but meeting another is in itself a sufficient motivation. We always respect the rule of arriving on time, because we realize the consequences of our actions. That is how we are and affirm it with joy. We are like this because it is how we choose to be.
Regardless of who we are going to meet: manager, housewife, worker, secretary, salesman, relative or the people who participate with us in a meeting or social gathering, we are on time. We extend this habit to all our relationships and enjoy the reputation of always arriving on time or even first. However, it is also true that sometimes, due to force majeure, we are forced to have those who have an appointment with us, wait. In this case, we contact, explain the delay, and communicate the estimated time of arrival. By doing so, we are considered for the attention and respect we show them. The wait for someone who does not show up in time is quite frustrating, and nobody deserves it.
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Friday, July 26, 2019


All our conversations are light and balanced. We start a conversation with an unknown person with short sentences, and there is a good reason for this. When we meet someone for the first time, they inevitably wonder if we are comfortable people and if it is easy to talk to us. Therefore, the first things we say provide the answer and create the impression that sets the tone of the relationship. 

When we start a conversation asking about the philosophy of life of the person in question, the guard is lowered and they immediately withdraw. But if we start enquiring about her or him, they relax, and the conversation flows naturally. Each of our communications invariably begins with simple and carefully selected questions to let the guest know that we are interested in him or her as a person. That dissipates anxiety and enables the guest to talk about himself or herself and open up.
We are not afraid to make the first move.
Contrary to what one may believe, most people hate social gatherings. They like the idea, but don't like the prospect of meeting and socializing with strangers. They feel uncomfortable during a party, and the truth is that, unconsciously, they are afraid of not appealing to others and do not want to feel rejected. They need approval, and if the thought of attending a collective situation doesn’t make them feel comfortable, they step back. It is a common fact, and because many feel the same way, when they accept this as truth, they have fewer problems meeting other people.
When we are at a party, and we know a very few people, and we look around, and it seems that everyone is having fun while we dream of being at home or somewhere else, we are not happy. At the moment, we choose to make the most of the situation and make the first move.
We select someone who, like us, is not involved in a conversation and seems to be alone, and we walk towards him or her. We suppose to find a friendly person and act like expecting to be welcomed and appreciated. With only rare exceptions, the person reacts warmly and cooperates to keep the conversation going.
Having taken the initiative and broken down the barriers of shyness, we soon find a new friend who is easy to talk to. We are friendly and let the conversation take its course. These are our communication guidelines; we start easy, and from the beginning, we take for granted that we will like that person, and so it is.
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Saturday, July 20, 2019


A critical factor in our communication is to smile. On the street, in the office at home, anywhere. We often smile; sometimes always. We light the smile and keep it on, like a switch that is continuously working, and it is a sincere, participatory, and acknowledging smile of the other person. We smile at all the people we come in contact with, men and women, with equanimity; and interest in what they are, think and feel. 

Smiling is a fundamental means of communication because it has a positive effect on ourselves and others. When we smile, and someone smiles at us, we feel good because it is the simplest and most direct way to communicate that everything is going well and we are happy to meet. Everything works better with a smile, even sales at department stores and general stores, which increase a lot when people work with customers. Each transaction is an exchange of energy that flows harmoniously and smoothly on the wings of a friendly smile. Our hearts warm up in front of a smile and a person who smiles, there is no way that is not the case. We have got into the habit of smiling now, again and again. It makes us feel good, and when there is a mirror, we also smile to ourselves because we see how beautiful and beautiful we are.
Yes, we really practice smiling in front of the mirror, and also very seriously because as soon as our forehead relaxes and the corners of our mouth turn upwards, we begin to radiate confidence and mastery, and the spirit rises. Every person is beautiful when smiling and automatically feels better. The smile is our way of writing our thoughts on our face. It shows that we trust ourselves and what we are and are filled with happiness and certainty.
Our natural propensity to expose our feelings to others makes our smile soft and spontaneous. That makes us reach the center of our being and consolidates the positive image we have of ourselves. Every time we greet someone, we smile. We smile at everyone we meet. We smile at our family, friends, and work colleagues. We smile at those who look at us oddly. We smile in the traffic, in the elevator, at the store, in the bank, on the street. We smile at the guardian, the policeman, the waiter, the bank teller. We smile at them and smile with them, showing perceptible and contagious sincerity that recognizes the other and its importance. We learn to want to smile and enjoy the happiness we bring to the life of those who pass by on our way. Let's smile now and watch the magic at work. Our smile is one of our highest privileges.
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Friday, July 19, 2019


We focus only on positive phrases that release creative energy. The words we use have a substantial impact on our feelings, moods, personality, confidence, and life experiences. Positive statements keep our focus on success, satisfaction, wealth, clarity, and good health. It's easy. We flood our minds with words that have vitality. With powerful statements of impact and intensity which declare our strengths, and focus our thoughts on evolution, and affirm what we are and what we can do. We use them to plan our subliminal level and continue to move towards the next desired goal. 

We adopt a realistic positive mental attitude to deal with problems, tragedies, and despair. It is our way of looking at individual and human difficulties to work to resolve them with constructive actions. The difference between a negative and positive attitude is how a person reacts to what is, according to their point of view: the cup is half-full or half-empty. The positive mental attitude allows us to build on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. It helps us to understand that we all are born for greatness because the strength of the universe is with and within us, and we can and must use it to manifest the reality of our dreams and positive thoughts. It helps us focus on the good things in life and allows us to direct our dominant attention on what is right in us, for us, for others and the whole world. Looking at what is good and beautiful around us, we give strength and space to good and beauty that expand in proportion. However, it is also true that the only positive attitude, just thinking positively, is almost useless if it does not promote positive action. The positive attitude and mental energy must be set in motion and transformed into concrete action; into kinetic energy; into a dynamic force that strengthens the whole system, individually and collectively. That makes space and produces more and more goals and corrects more and more errors, continually changing the course of history.
All the people we associate with influence our lives. Therefore we pay extreme attention to always maintaining positive conversations, and as far as possible, we associate only with positive people. These are the people who inspire us, motivate, and help us live a more creative life. Non-positive people are unable to fill their existential gaps and with their continuous judgments and recriminations use, consuming it, others’ energy. Whenever possible, let’s free our lives from these needy entities, liberating ourselves kindly and lovingly from them, and replace them with encouraging and positive people.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


We are individuals of power, direction, and planned activities that from time to time, overcome the false beliefs that hold us back. We are friendly people who are never alone, yet remain self-sufficient and in control of our destiny. We observe ourselves and others with an impartial gaze, balance, and empathy, open and receptive to new values, concepts, and beliefs. 

We enjoy radiant health and a long life based on a profound spiritual awareness that makes us love ourselves and others more and more intensely. We are luminous beings, and this is our vision, learned, and applied. We commit ourselves to action because our life is our greatest adventure and we are happy to live it.
We keep the list of everything right in us regularly updated; we consider it with appreciation, revisiting it often and memorizing it. We focus on our features and qualities and develop the inner conviction of being individually and collectively worthy, competent, and unique.
Whenever we do something right, we make sure we remember it and even reward ourselves for the action. In this way, we build and reinforce the new habit model of focusing on what is right in us and in our lives to expand it.
This moment always offers us infinite possibilities. We live in the eternal present, and all that we are and can be is already here now because it is part of our awareness. Always at this moment, we have the preparation and the tools to accept our limitless potential, in full knowledge of our unlimited abilities.
Our focus is on the present; our vision is in the present; our expectations are in the present. And this is our present, now, yes, just this and right now and from here we move. Our choice is to surround ourselves and fill our lives with positive people because when we become more aware of our ability to see the present, we are more aware of our willingness to do things together, observing only our desires and recognizing them as the powerful channels through which the infinite manifests itself in the universe.
Our mind is one, it is the universal mind, and we know what we need to know, the instant we need to know it. This awareness is stable in the present and opens up to all the paths of our subliminal ways. With confidence and efficiency, our inner strength motivates and activates our consciences and produces actions that are the direct consequence of it. Actions whose success is the result of the adequacy of our efforts in dealing with every area of our life.
We are continually receptive to new methods and new ways for our greater good, and we create with wisdom to do all we want. Our minds, emotions, and spirit embodied in the physical body are dedicated to our and others' good because we live in a friendly and present universe that conforms and responds to our desires and manifests them in our lives. With impartial awareness, we affirm to be spiritually perfect, to have a healthy conscience to be proud of, to be serene and pleased, vitally alive now and just sure of ourselves.
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Sunday, July 14, 2019


Past and future converge at one point, now, and it is now that we are who we are, passing through, with our attitudes to maintain and nurture and those to evolve and transform. We are collective entities and as such, influenced and influencing, static and dynamic, stable, and changing. 

We are successful in everything because we are determined to give everything its time. Furthermore, we break established habits and free up time to dedicate to new and more important things.
We live in the now and put it into practice. We do great things now, the only moment that is always there, eternally present, and so the promise with ourselves is maintained, and we get our desire: the will of our soul. Opportunities return cyclically, and we seize them as they pass.
We do what we have always wanted to do now. We plan now; we program our subconscious now, and now we take the first step. Now, the only time we have. How we spend our present determines how we spend our present and time turns into reality.
We love the feeling of adventure. We spend every free moment in nature: at the park, to the mountains, at sea. Nature has no time; it has only the present.
We use our imagination to focus our intent. We like traveling. We buy the ticket; the suitcase is always ready, we close the door, and go. Our roots fluctuate, and we love the feeling and emotion of planting them elsewhere, forever elsewhere.
We travel to foreign and unknown places; time is our springboard. We plan and begin. We seize the moment and begin to make the event happen. Traveling is a part of us because we have a strong desire to see more of the world, our home in space, and meet others like us.
The feeling is the key to the result. We embody the feeling, and it is so; our present transforms. The feeling is the power that manifests our desire. We are excited and enthusiastic, and the more we are, the sooner things happen. Our life attitude is to keep the feeling present and active.

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